Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   What is the color of light?

Answer:   This product emits white light. The color temperature is 4100K. Regular white light.

Question:   What is the range of the light's effectiveness?


For the under cabinet models, we recommend 24 inches or less in distance from light to target surface. For the recessed model, we recommend up to 9 feet for maximum effectiveness.


Does this light also kill "good" bacteria? Are all bacteria "bad"? And how close does the light

need to be from the surface to kill bacteria?


The light is effective due to activating specific molecules found in all bacteria tested to date, including harmful and "good" bacteria. Good bacteria plays the largest health-related role inside the human body, such as your gut, and does not play a role while sitting on countertop surfaces. For this reason, there are no adverse effects from good bacteria on your counters being killed. Harmful bacteria are more dangerous to you in your environment. We recommend a maximum distance of 24 inches from the surface. Any distances beyond 24 inches will have reduced effectiveness. 

Question:   What bacteria/germs is Vital Vio effective against?


ellumi ™  Lighting

Safely eliminate bacteria while

illuminating your surface

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